The James Brazill Shiraz 2017.

This cracker of a Shiraz is another beauty from my Armagh ‘Limerick’ vineyard. Jimmy just loves the sloping East facing spot where he is planted always giving his best, if it rains!
My dear dad James Brazill Barry knew and loved the many different landscapes and valleys of Clare, but he always felt there was no where better to grow reds than in the rich Armagh Valley. I reckon he got it right, luck of the Irish I guess!
Picked very late on28/4/17 the Feast Day of St Dr Gianna Beretta Molla, an Italian Pediatrician, Surgeon, & Physician. Devoted to helping mothers, babies & elderly living in poverty. Died aged 40, in 1962 after childbirth…..has God no mercy?
Blessed with 650 dozen.
Alc/Vol 16.0%
Prayodynamically produced