Hail Mary full of grace Cabernet 2018.

The 2018 Mary was picked 48 days latter than the 2016! What an amazing difference there can be between seasons when you are chasing a rich flavour profile, the timing is always different. It is simply a matter of sampling the grapes until a richness & intensity of flavours emerge,  prayers answered I pick.
Thus picked on 25/4/17 the Feast Day of Bl. Mario Borzaga, an Italian Priest dedicated to relieving the oppression of the people of Laos suffering under the communist guerrilla group Pathet Lao. Alas they murdered him 57 years ago on 25/4/1960.  Hail Mary Mario, I raise my glass to you and all who fight against  oppression!
Blessed with 541 dozen
Alc/Vol 15.3%
Prayerodynamically produced