Wine Points And Pleasure

Welcome to GCG’s first blog!

It is very exciting and fairly dangerous to have the ability to talk to a wide audience about anything that I choose, the choosing is the difficult part.

So I will begin with my recent trip to London where I attended the London International Wine Fair with my wine of course, apparently it is the biggest such event in the world. I was there with my European Distributor ‘Rod & Spur International’ (if you are wondering what Rod and Spur means, it is a pruning technique…. nothing sinister!) Yes the show was most impressive and I must say most serious. I often ponder why a product such as wine should be approached in such a serious manner, as it certainly isn’t consumed by us in serious mode. I just felt that if you go to a wine event in Australia there is much laughter, friendly banter and a fair dose of consumption!

Very little consumption occurred by those showing their wine, and all discussion was fairly serious, which is a problem for a gcg like me as I have a limited attention span for too much serious stuff! The world of wine can bring so much pleasure to all those involved, but especially those of us who make it, it certainly isn’t my intention to go down the serious path with wine, I regard it as a pleasure product and I always will, just as I hope the devotees of Good Catholic Girl are on board for their pleasure.

The serious aspect of wine which I allude to is the obsession with being able to position a wine on the points it has been awarded by a wine guru some where on the planet………….all important but not the only important aspect of the wine. I just love it when I encounter a new wine and on first contact it makes me pay attention with me uttering something like “Wow, that is delicious what is it?!” …………I then embark on another exciting wine journey and so it goes…………….I don’t think I have ever felt the need to enquire “How many points has this been awarded?”, by any esteemed wine critic. My point being that points are not important for our pleasure, but I am well aware of the power of wine rating in generating sales.

Now I have made the point on points I need to say that my view is not coming from a jaded perspective as I have been very kindly treated by the wine critics, who have been most generous with their time and reviews of my wine. It is what they say about my wine which is of most interest to me and you too I hope, check out my media section to read my latest reviews, some very kind words have been said by David Sly, James Halliday and Peter Bourne most recently, only one of these reviews awards points.


On another note I have been told a number of times by people who work in the wine trade in Europe that I would have trouble selling my wine in Ireland due to the name of course, luckily this is not the case as I have had strong interest from the Irish since the London Trade Fair so I will keep you posted on that one…………who would be so misguided that they would think that they could anticipate how the Irish would react!!??

God Bless You All………Fill your glass………………and think of something to say to me but remember my attention span is……………………..

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Family History Rescue Mission

Family history is a fascinating thing, and I seem to be in the grip of it. To learn more about my Great Uncle James Brazill I will need to travel to France and go Mouquet Farm where he died in battle in WW1, but alas that will not happen in the near future. Today my interest has been captured by a lost family history, not mine but another family who at this stage is unknown to me but I am on the hunt to see what I discover.

Have you ever gone into a junk shop and found very old family photos, sometimes beautifully framed, up for sale? I feel much sadness wondering why no family member has taken it upon themselves to keep these treasures. I have often thought there should be a ‘Photoshelter’ where these unwanted photos can be dropped off in the hope that someone will come looking for them one day.

Tonight I am going to an auction house in Adelaide to carry out my own rescue mission. It seems that a once wealthy family has come to the end of the line, there appears to be no relatives who exist or are interested in saving any of this very old family memorabilia. As a result it is all going up for auction and I suspect the proceeds will be going to some worthwhile charity. I may even hazard a guess that the charity might be the RSPCA as there is a huge amount of horse memorabilia, even original Phar Lap books etc.

The lady who had lived in the home was 88 (born 1922) an only child and a spinster (love that word so harsh, such a put down for women who were never ‘lucky’ enough to marry) and had lived there from birth. There is much memorabilia from a posh boys school in Adelaide so I suspect the father came from a moneyed family where more got spent than was made and eventually there was none. The money certainly was enjoyed as there are photo albums showing grand tours of Europe , and many once beautiful toys and clothing up for sale. She must have had a fabulous and indulged childhood, but sadly what remains is a faded, decaying and crumbling collection of a nursery that once reflected the family’s position in Adelaide’s society.

I have already been to inspect the booty and could not bring myself to even touch the objects as they are being presented as found in the old home, rotting, dusty and falling to pieces, luckily they don’t smell! I have decided that I want to learn more about this woman and what her life was, I don’t even know her name. I managed to get bits of information from the auction house but they were not very forthcoming- probably due to privacy laws (not always useful!), so clearly to find out more I need to purchase as many boxes of family photos as I can and some of the old toys and other bits and pieces. I figure there can’t be too many people out there as interested as me in a history of a family that I don’t know, so I should manage to purchase most items for very little. Of course, I will say a prayer to give me the edge, and I will keep you informed of my random hunt to rescue the history of a sadly lost family.

I am really excited about this little rescue mission and it is a pleasant diversion from what I should really be doing at the moment, and that is writing my back labels and organizing my bottling of my 2010 Teresa and my 2008 The James Brazill, but as I have stated before I am easily distracted!

God keep you safe!

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Rescue Mission Completed: Now Begins The Research

I attended the estate auction of Miss Rosemary (her name) last week and to my surprise and with a tinge of disappointment I learned that the family photos that I was “rescuing” had been withdrawn by ‘the family’ so she was not alone. There was a box of family memorabilia that I was chasing that included photo albums of a world trip taken in the 1930’s estimated auction price of $22 to $70 but it went for an amazing price of $500 so I clearly was not alone on this rescue mission. I did manage to secure a couple of boxes of Dickens books for $20 and hidden within the boxes were quite a few family pictures dating back to the early 1900’s so it is these photos that I will use to begin my research on Miss Rosemary. Inscriptions were written in the cover for most of the books and from this I have learnt that Miss Rosemary had an elder sister called Elizabeth (Beth) so she was not an only child as I surmised.

I was not cashed up enough to purchase any of the fabulous old toys which went for huge prices even in their decaying state. However I did purchase something which I was not expecting to and that is Miss Rosemary’s one owner 1968 Austin 1800 original 64000 miles which has been serviced by Taylors of Medindie since new, 42 years! It is registered till October 2010 and been driven by Miss Rosemary until she died a month ago. A beautiful car to drive which I have named “Miss Rosemary”.

Of course with the car came the registration papers and Miss Rosemary’s name and address so of course I went swiftly to the address. Sitting behind a beautifully maintained majestic hedge (must have been to do with keeping up appearances) was a crumbling salt damp ridden house, a sad and depressing site, looked as though it had been uninhabited for 50 years, but she lived within! It is situated on about 4 blocks in one of Adelaide’s elite establishment suburbs and the land must be worth in excess of $2 000 000. Miss Rosemary must have been struggling to pay crippling rates but did not want to sell the home she had lived in since birth. The last remnants of Miss Rosemary will soon be pushed aside by the bulldozers I suspect lucky she is not around to see it. As my research continues I will keep you updated.

Back to GCG business I have finished writing my new labels and have had more great reviews which are up on my web site, one by Chris Shanahan of the Canberra Times, God Bless him, and Jimmy Halliday has given my 2009 Teresa 92 points and 2007 The James Brazill 94 points so I have been blessed once again.

Blessings to you all

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Friday the 13th … Don’t be scared!

Good luck and stay safe! Actually as I was born on Friday 13th I have no fear, and am not superstitious except for one thing. That is that I will not take any sort of trip by plane, boat, car or rail without having a St Christopher medal on my person. This is a long held family tradition which my mother Teresa Nancy insists on giving each of us a medal when we are going on any sort of trip, she seriously buys them in bulk (bags of 50 I think), and she also insists every new vehicle has one.

So I thought I had better Google “St Christopher” and find out why he is such a protector of travellers.

Well legend has it that he was crossing a river one day when a small child asked if he would help him across. He lifted the child up onto his shoulders and found him to be unbearably heavy. The child according to legend was Christ carrying the weight of the whole world, thus Christopher became St Christopher the patron saint of travellers.

But alas in 1969 the Catholic Church downgraded St Christopher from a saint to a martyr as they could not find any truth in the story. Fortunately this has made no difference to millions of us who maybe ‘superstitiously’ carry him with us on our travels. I will continue to do so as it has worked this far for me and all other members of my family!

Above is a photo of one of my many St Christophers, it is a bracelet.

Wishing you all a good weekend and safe and happy travels.


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Anyone for a Picnic?

My lovelies, spring has sprung and isn’t it glorious!?

It’s amazing how a change in weather really brings out the best in us all. It seems so much easier to get out of bed in the morning and face the day. With this glorious weather comes the favorite past time of picnicking in the park, and I have the number one accessory- a 1960’s picnic set! I had my eye on this little beauty at the ‘Miss Rosemary’ estate auction and was thrilled when it officially became mine, to add to my collection! My daughters think I’m a little mad and make fun of my constant collecting, but I just tell them “one day this will be yours and you’ll be grateful”! I can’t wait to get out there on one of these gorgeous spring days, 2010 Teresa Riesling in basket, and enjoy a long lazy picnic. Happy Spring everyone. I hope you’re all planning a lazy picnic or something equally as lovely.

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