Good luck and stay safe! Actually as I was born on Friday 13th I have no fear, and am not superstitious except for one thing. That is that I will not take any sort of trip by plane, boat, car or rail without having a St Christopher medal on my person. This is a long held family tradition which my mother Teresa Nancy insists on giving each of us a medal when we are going on any sort of trip, she seriously buys them in bulk (bags of 50 I think), and she also insists every new vehicle has one.

So I thought I had better Google “St Christopher” and find out why he is such a protector of travellers.

Well legend has it that he was crossing a river one day when a small child asked if he would help him across. He lifted the child up onto his shoulders and found him to be unbearably heavy. The child according to legend was Christ carrying the weight of the whole world, thus Christopher became St Christopher the patron saint of travellers.

But alas in 1969 the Catholic Church downgraded St Christopher from a saint to a martyr as they could not find any truth in the story. Fortunately this has made no difference to millions of us who maybe ‘superstitiously’ carry him with us on our travels. I will continue to do so as it has worked this far for me and all other members of my family!

Above is a photo of one of my many St Christophers, it is a bracelet.

Wishing you all a good weekend and safe and happy travels.