Hell.Bent 2018

I have chosen Joan de Arc for this label as she was really hell bent! The Patron Saint of France, she liberated France from the English invaders so that Charles V11 could rule as King of France. She was eventually captured and sold to the English, given a religious trail, charged with heresy, and burnt at the stake in 1431 aged 19. It was claimed her most serious crime was taking direct inspiration from God and not church authority, could easily have gone the other way, she was always going to be found guilty!
Joan said, “Of the love or hatred God has for England, I know nothing, but I do know that they will be thrown out of France, except those that die there”.
My Hell.Bent Shiraz grown in Armagh, has all the drive and guts of Joan, but will not (I hope) result in death upon consumption!

Blessed with 400 dozen.
Julie Ann Barry Grower/Maker
16.1% Alc/Vol
This wine has been prayodynamically