Today is a big day in the Catholic World with the canonization of Mary MacKillop. I read in yesterday’s paper that 8000 people will travel to Rome for the once in a lifetime event. I can only imagine the excitement being experienced in the little South Australian town of Penola where Mother Mary started her teaching career. The Sisters of St Joseph would also be feeling a great sense of pride as one of their own is made a Saint. I was educated by these wonderful caring Nuns at St Joseph in Clare, as was my Mother Teresa and Grandmother Dorothy. Both my Grandmother and Mother went on to look after the Nuns and built lifelong friendships with many of them. My Grandmother was particularly dedicated to the Nuns in her parish and spent many hours cooking for them and made sure they were well looked after. Without people like my Grandmother the Nuns would have lived a poor existents as they had no means of earning money. Sadly there are no longer any Nuns living at the convent in Clare. So today I’ll be thinking of Mary Mackillop and her miracles and reflecting on my time spent with the Sisters of St Joseph. God bless Saint Mary Mackillop a great Australian!