All that talk of lovely spring weather and taking Miss Rosemary out for a picnic would have gone well had Miss Rosemary been a boat and not a 1968 Austin 1800! As you can see by the photo taken beside my Limerick Vineyard there was no way Miss Rosemary was leaving home. In fact none of us were going anywhere; it was very exciting as the last time we had seen so much water was back in 1998. It is a true blessing as now the dams and tanks are pretty much full and there is plenty of underground water for the vines to send their roots down and get a good drink when the hot weather comes.
Speaking of Miss Rosemary, I am giving her an outing today and have her parked at the winery.

A man visiting began asking me about her and of course I went into the long and fascinating story of how I came to be her owner, and woe and behold he said he knew the family! He said they were wealthy landed property owners around the state and said he would get me some information, I said I would be in contact next week to sit down and ask him a million questions.

As you can imagine I am very keen to get this journey on the way and am looking forward to reporting next week on what I have discovered.
On the wine side I spent last week in Sydney with my agent Nick Butler (a GCB) from Cogito Wines who is doing a very fine job indeed of spreading the Good Catholic Girl gospel. My wines received a fabulous reception. You can find GCG at Annandale Cellars, Wine Culture, and the Australian and New Zealand Wine Centre. Simon has just put Teresa on at an amazing restaurant at Rose Bay called Catalina; I will let you know as more come on board. I had a really beautiful lunch for one at Wild Fire at Circular Quay Wes looking across the harbour to the Opera House and the weather was perfect. I don’t normally enjoy dining alone but on this occasion it was a relaxing treat.

Also dropped into Canberra town and caught up with Brent McKay from Amazing Grapes (don’t you love the name) who is my man on the ground there. We had a great lunch at The Parlour and a fabulous dinner at The Lantern, so all is good in Canberra, made even better as there were no Politician’s in sight!
Blessings to you all and have a fine weekend!
Julie forever the gcg!