As you will remember Miss Rosemary is my Austin 1800, named after the previous owner, whose family history I have become fascinated by and am going to research. I found a note inside a sketch book given to Miss Rosemary and it said “To Rosie Christmas 1960” so I will in future refer to her as Miss Rosie so there will be no confusion between her and her car!

Bad news on Miss Rosemary front she has done a water pump, poor old dear and is off the road at the moment. We had to suffer the indignity of being loaded on the back of a tow truck and be driven through the main street of Clare for all to see. This was embarrassing as almost daily in Clare someone would stop me to discuss the merits of Miss Rosemary or the ‘land crab’ as they were commonly referred to…..I would always respond with all the virtues of Miss Rosemary and how fabulously reliable she was so I felt a bit let down very publicly! Alas we will be back on the road soon to coast around Clare and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Miss Rosie’s former home at Walkerville has now been sold and I suspect will go under the bulldozer as it was one of the saddest, dampest and neglected old homes that I had ever seen, (as you will see from the photos) it was truly unlivable and I have no idea how Miss Rosie lived in it. Being her family home all her life I suppose she could not contemplate ever moving from it with leaving behind her life’s memories. Well some distant relative is now very wealthy as it sold for $2.6 million!!! No wonder she lived in poverty it would have cost her about $20000 a year in council rates, if not more, so any family inheritance she had to survive on was probably long gone.

I have been a bit slow on tracking down her family history but am now on the job and my next blog will lead into it, hopefully beginning to shed some light on who this “once wealthy Adelaide family” member was.

Julie gcg